Apple Shortcuts Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Data (CVE-2024-23204)

 What is CVE-2024-23204?

CVE-2024-23204 is a critical vulnerability discovered in Apple devices, specifically targeting the functionality of Apple Shortcuts. This security flaw allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data without requiring user consent. The vulnerability operates by exploiting the Shortcuts feature, which users commonly employ for streamlining tasks and automating functions on their devices.The risk lies in the potential misuse of these Shortcuts, typically innocuous in nature, to gain access to confidential information stored on the device. For instance, a seemingly harmless Shortcut created to share photos with friends could be manipulated to access and extract additional, highly sensitive data, including contacts, messages, and other personal information.

Description and Impact:

This critical vulnerability affecting Apple devices, exploits the functionality of Apple Shortcuts, introducing a potential threat to user privacy and data security. This vulnerability allows crafted shortcuts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as contacts, messages, and more, circumventing user consent. The impact of CVE-2024-23204 is profound, as it transforms routine tasks into potential vectors for data breaches. With the potential compromise of personal and financial data, users face a heightened risk of identity theft and unauthorized access to confidential information. Although the immediate risk may not be apparent, the long-term consequences underscore the importance of immediate action. Understanding the gravity of this vulnerability is the first step toward safeguarding personal information and ensuring the continued trustworthiness of Apple devices. Swift adoption of mitigation measures is imperative to prevent exploitation and maintain the integrity of user data in the face of evolving digital threats.

Attack Vectors:

Understanding the potential attack vectors is crucial to fortifying your defenses. CVE-2024-23204 primarily exploits the Apple Shortcuts feature, turning innocuous tasks into potential data breaches. Unauthorized access to sensitive information becomes possible through seemingly harmless shortcuts, making it imperative to be cautious when using this feature.

Mitigation and Best Practices:

The good news is that Apple has swiftly responded to CVE-2024-23204 by releasing patches. To secure your Apple devices and mitigate the risk, follow these best practices:

1. Update Immediately: Ensure your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac are running the latest software versions:

   - iOS & iPadOS: 17.3

   - watchOS: 10.3

   - macOS: Sonoma 14.3

2. Review Shortcuts: Scrutinize your existing Shortcuts, especially those accessing sensitive data. Assess whether the permissions they request are genuinely necessary, and delete any suspicious or unnecessary shortcuts.

3. Stay Informed: Regularly check Apple's security page and reliable tech news sources to stay informed about the latest threats and updates.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, the emergence of CVE-2024-23204 serves as a stark reminder of the constant need for vigilance. This vulnerability, targeting Apple devices through the manipulation of Shortcuts, underscores the potential threats lurking in seemingly innocuous features. The impact of CVE-2024-23204, with its ability to compromise sensitive data, necessitates immediate action from users to fortify their defenses.By promptly updating their devices, reviewing and pruning Shortcuts, and staying informed about security updates, users can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to this vulnerability. The swift response from Apple in releasing patches showcases the importance of collaboration between users and manufacturers to address and mitigate potential threats.


Contributed by Sandeep Vishwakarma

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